Pictorial Directions

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From Houston, take I-45 north to Huntsville.

At Huntsville, take SH 190 east approximately 16 miles. SH 190 Sign
SH 190 will go from two lanes to four and you will see a cell tower off to your right.
Please slow down. The speed limit will drop to 55 mph.  A word of warning:   Speeding tickets are given.
You are entering the community of Oakhurst.  The very identifiable fire station will be off to your right.   Oakhurst Firehouse
 Oakhurst is a very small community.  Very soon you will pass the Oakhurst flashing light.
Continue another 1.5 miles east on SH 190  to Waterwood Parkway.  When you see a Waterwood Parkway direction sign, slow down.  You will be turning very soon.
Waterwood Parkway  goes north from S.H. 190.  Slow down.  You will be very soon turning off of S.H. 190 to Palmetto Drive which goes south.   Waterwood Sign
Palmetto Drive is across SH 190 and "kiddiecorner"  from Waterwood Parkway. It can be easily missed. Look for the billboard to your right. Palmetto Drive is immediately past and behind it.
Mill Hollow is located at the end of Palmetto Drive.   Palmetto is a country road. Do drive slow especially if it is wet.
As you Take Palmetto Drive south, do watch out for our country dogs.   They will come out, check your car over and let everyone know you have arrived. They may even give you a heart attack when they dart in front of the car. Remember, this is the country, their country.  
Very soon, you will go over the bridge,
through the woods
and up the hill.

 Welcome to Mill Hollow Christmas Tree Farm.  

If lost, call the farm at (936) 377-4044.