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Your audience is interested in what is happening in their "back yard".  Christmas tree farm articles and news segments do get attention.   For many, it is new, different, affordable and environmentally right during these times.   For others, it will even bring back the memories of being a child and the joys of finding, cutting and taking home their Christmas tree.   

We encourage your reporter/photographer and especially their family(ies) to come to the farm any weekend we are open to obtain their own pictures, interview us and even others and experience what a Mill Hollow adventure is all about.   Just let us know you are coming.   

If time is a limitation, we do have pictures, facts and back ground information on our farm and will to do a telephone interview if so desired.

Quick Facts on Mill Hollow Christmas Tree Farm

1.  Farm bought in 1983  

2. Farm is located 1 1/2 miles east of Oakhurst  on SH 190 and then South on Palmetto Drive 1/2 mile


2.  Farm is located  4 1/2 miles west of Point Blank on SH 190 and then south on Palmetto Drive 1/2 mile

3.  Farm is 96 acres in size with 20 acres in Christmas trees, an acre in a vineyard and the remainder in forests

4.  Farm is very scenic being located on top of  one of the areas highest hills and surrounded by forests and running creeks

5.  Farm name, Mill Hollow,  is from the location nearby of the now vanished Oakhurst Saw Mill

6.  First Christmas trees were sold in 1986 at a retail lot on the Northwest side of Houston in the Cypress area.  This retail lot was operated from 1986 to 1994 and sold trees from the farm and also other Texas Christmas tree farms.  

7.  Choose and cut operations at the farm were started in 1988 and continue to this day

8.  Christmas trees are priced based on quality and not on size.

9.  Mill Hollow has been set up for families to create memories and long lasting traditions and especially for the children to experience the joys of being in the country and finding a real Christmas tree

10.  Mill Hollow continues to be open only on weekends since this is the best time for families with children

11.  The  customer base for Mill Hollow covers  East Texas from the Louisiana border down to Corpus Christie,   to San Antonio, to Austin  and to Dallas.

12.  Mill Hollow's source of new customers is predominantly from referrals of existing customers.